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We at Trask Denture Clinic are excited to announce the implementation of digital dentures in our office. Digital dentures are a revolutionary platform with many advantages to the complete denture wearer.

Using Cad/Cam technology, digital dentures create the best dentures possible, which can be made efficiently and quickly. Digital 3D renderings of the dentures are created. They are based on the anatomical landmarks, which are captured by taking the impressions and measurements of your mouth.

Digital dentures can be created using manufactured resin teeth and processed acrylic bases, or for the best in strength and durability, they can be milled from a solid block of acrylic resin for both the teeth and bases.

Since your digital denture is scanned and designed by our computer using the most advanced digital technology, you will have the added security knowing that if you have lost or damaged your denture, a replacement can be made using a permanent backup of your digital denture records.

The biocompatible resin materials used for digital dentures have outstanding aesthetics. The bases are thinner, lighter in weight and more resistant to wear, damage or breakage.

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