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Attention all Complete Lower Denture Wearers!

Warren Trask D.D. is now certified in the SEMCD Lower Denture Suction technique. This means no more floating or lifting of your lower dentures. Have the confidence to laugh, chew and speak without fighting with your lower denture. A very affordable alternative to dental implants, lower suction dentures will change the way you feel about your complete lower denture.

The Lower Suction Denture Technique (SEMCD) was developed and taught by Dr. Jiro Abe in Japan. This technique enhances the suction effect of complete lower dentures and allows for denture suction even in patients with advanced resorption of the mandibular ridge. The newly developed technique for achieving effective suction and stability of the complete lower denture has become an indispensable part of treating complete lower denture patients.

The most ideal way to achieve suction of the complete lower denture is to combine the SEMCD lower suction denture technique with our BPS precision dentures (Biofunctional Prosthetic System).

Muscle Movements Are Captured in the Impression of Your Mouth

The concept of creating suction on a complete lower denture is done by creating a seal around the entire lower denture base. During the impression procedure, patients will be asked to make certain sounds and movements with their facial and oral muscles. These movements are then captured in the impression material. The lower denture is fabricated to suction down around the arch and soft tissues to create the seal and reduce over extensions of the denture base.

Not everyone is a candidate for a lower suction denture, but even those patients that are not able to attain lower denture suction will benefit from the new impression technique as the style and construction of the denture works in harmony with your muscle and jaw movements for an increase in comfort, fit and stability.

Patients who are not immediately eligible for lower suction dentures are those who have recently had teeth extracted. These persons must wait roughly a year because the size and shape of their gums will change during the healing process.

The expert denturists at Trask Denture Clinic are thrilled to offer lower suction dentures to our patients in Burnaby, BC.

The pioneering technique is sure to improve the livelihood of all denture wearers and restore a sense of confidence that comes with dentures that look and feel more like natural teeth.

Call our clinic today to learn more about lower suction dentures and schedule your consultation.

SEMCD Certified Clinician logo and mouth impression
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