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Trask Denture Clinic in Burnaby has professional and experienced denturists who can create partial dentures for you. A denture is made with your face and jaw measurements to fit your personal looks and needs. Partial dentures consist of a replacement missing tooth linked by a metal frame that helps to keep the dentures in place. Missing teeth can change other teeth’s position and partial dentures can contribute to the resolution of the problem and help in maintaining a beautiful smile.

Partial Dentures

Just missing one or a few teeth? Consider a partial denture. 

A removable partial denture is a dental appliance that replaces single or multiple missing natural teeth. It places an artificial tooth or teeth into those spaces or gaps connecting it to and supporting your adjacent teeth with a clasp and or cast metal framework. Partial dentures can be made with an acrylic resin base or flexible thermoplastic resin and utilizing a cast metal framework.

Missing teeth can cause a problem with the alignment of your teeth, as gaps in your teeth can lead to drifting and movement of your teeth. Having spaces where there should be teeth can also cause bone loss in your jaw, not to mention the problems you’ll encounter with chewing, food impaction and speaking.

Your new partial denture can be created as a precision denture or as a standard denture.

Using the same high-quality materials and techniques that we do with our complete dentures, we can design and create your partial denture to deliver the utmost in comfort, appearance, and function.

Partial Dentures
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To see if partial dentures might be a good solution for you, call Trask Denture Clinic today. Your first consultation is complimentary.

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