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Even the perfect set of dentures needs modifications from time to time. Trask Denture Clinic will be able to replace a lost tooth, fix a cracked denture, repair a damaged clasp or reline your denture, all in the same day. Connect with us for relines and repairs in Burnaby. 

Occasionally, you may experience instability, discomfort and an increased incidence of food under your dentures as your oral tissues and bone shrink over time. These issues are relatively easy to fix with a reline. “Reline” just means that Trask Denture Clinic will replace the fitting surface of your denture to fit the new contours of your mouth.

Relines are just a part of normal denture maintenance and will often need to be done every 2 or 4 years as your mouth changes.

Types of Relines

Trask Denture Clinic may perform a temporary lining (tissue conditioner) while your gums heal after extractions or to repair damage to your gums from wearing a poorly fitting denture too long.

A direct reline can fix issues in the short term, or a processed reline, which is considered a permanent reline due to the high quality of materials used and the precision of the fit achieved.

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Soft Relines

A soft silicone liner is a good solution if your lower ridge is sensitive and tender or has sharp, bony edges under thin tissues. A permanent soft liner will generally last 3 to 5 years. Once you have tried a comfortable lower soft liner, you won’t go back to a hard denture base ever again.


A rebase is the process of refitting a denture by replacing the entire pink denture base. This procedure is recommended for dentures that have had multiple repairs, discoloration or are very thin.

Relines are not always recommended for a denture. If a denture has lost its retention and the "bite" or occlusion has changed or worn considerably, a reline alone may not be enough to correct the problems. Together, we can find the best solution to your unique denture needs.

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Contact Us

Call Trask Denture Clinic for all your denture needs, from new dentures to simple relines. We’re always happy to make your dentures more comfortable!

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